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CM-Preg CP0031 - Carbon UD - 400g/m² - 0.3m - 38%

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F/GF prepregs
Combining various textiles - such as fabric or multi-axial fabric - with our resin systems creates an extraordinary variety of products, which enables us to find customer-specific solutions.
Our CF products can be processed according to all standard procedures, and tailored exactly to the special wishes of our customers.
High-quality visibility applications, structural components, medical applications and flame-retardant systems are already being accomplished with prepregs from c-m-p gmbh.

UD prepregs
Whether based on carbon fibre or glass fibre: When designing components, the uni-directional prepreg systems prove convincing through the unique combination of the highest mechanical properties with maximum degrees of freedom.
Due to the possibility of variation with supporting textiles (such as fleece), specific customer requirements can already be addressed in the prepreg process.
UD prepregs can be manufactured with an area weight of 80g/m² to 800g/m².
The mostly mechanical applications and an extraordinarily flexible process result in a variety of fibres - such as high-module fibres or large tow fibres.

Tooling prepregs
To fully represent the processes of our customers, c-m-p gmbh offers mould-making prepregs, which are used to make specific product forms in prepreg processing.
These tooling prepregs can be pre-cured at low temperatures and post-cured in a subsequent step up to a Tg of 190°C.

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