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OCV - T30 SE 1200 1200 TEX 413 4087

Single-End Rovings are produced by pulling individual fibers directly
from the bushing and winding them onto a roving package ready for
shipment. The uniform distribution of a proprietary sizing system
ensures an excellent resin-to-glass binding through uniform
distribution of the binding agent. This results in maximum strand
Single-End Rovings are manufactured using the T30® Roving state-ofthe-
art technology of OCV™ Reinforcements, in conjunction with
statistical process control in manufacturing facilities certified to ISO

SE 1200 Roving is specifically designed for use in knitting and
weaving applications in polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resin
systems. SE 1200 rovings can be used in a variety of processes to
manufacture knitted or woven glass fabrics, central stiffness
members for fiber optic cabling, and filament wound pipe, tubes, or
tanks. SE 1200 is designed to maximize fatigue performance in
polyester resin. SE 1200 is specifically designed to optimize
performances with Advantex® glass, Owens Corning’s
trademarked corrosion resistant E glass.

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